Mar 7, 2008

Fantom Seducer

If you have visited before, chances are you have come across a series from Roman Nowicki called Fantom Kiler. Despite from having ripe spelling difficulties, the films manage to provide a very hallucinatory soft-core horror porn with some great scenes and many busty librarians who wander in the woods only to have their wardrobe conveniently removed due to tree branches.

Well, in this film series, he takes a similar theme but instead of wonderful visuals, he decides to substitute the soft-core for hardcore. Fantom Seducer is now a full-scale porno with less of a glassy and polished feel and more of a lustful approach; completely disregarding the only artistic integrity it had. So instead of following a linear plot, the Fantom is now a demon that moves from women that have denied the host. So it seduces these women with his lust.

As great as this sounds, it doesn't work for what it is. It should have focused on being one of the two. Not a half-assed horror/porn hybrid. This is no Slaughter Disc, mind you. Roman was always notable for his effective score in the Kiler trilogy, but in this outing the music is just embarrassing.

Not much can really be said about Fantom Seducer that isn't already obvious. It's a bad porn with beautiful women. As genius as this sounds, it's too bland for it's own good. Don't except a color saturated slasher film cause you will be sorely disappointed.


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