Mar 20, 2008


Giuseppe Andrews’s contemporary ultra realistic (to the point of bordering surrealism) short Dribble is a film of our times. The shorts (at around 30 minutes) follows a washed up ex-professional white basketball player (played by master method actor Bill Nowlin) who has dived into a vodka bottle and somehow forgotten how to get out. He reminiscences over the days of snorting cocaine and mounting sluts. “Those were the days,” indeed.

The old white ex-professional basketball player's rival is a jolly old black ex-professional basketball player who sports a mean and greasy mullet. His verbal fights with whitey provide a new type of American entertainment (real life?).

Another black man befriends whitey in hopes that he will teach retarded tiny tots the skill of basketball. He also calls his penis a “JIGGABOO COCKAROO.” Giuseppe Andrews has confirmed himself as a poet of the trailer park. He takes the most pathetic and dehumanized individuals and turns them into Wal-Mart existentialists.

Old man Tyree “shakes his dick” for a twenty dollar bill. This scene is both traumatizing and mesmerizing. Tyree knows exactly what he’s doing with his gift of laughter to the masses. I would buy him a bottle of Jack Daniels as evidence of my deep respect for.

The old white man takes his rival (old black guy) as hostage during the conclusion of Dribble. He also orders a pizza in a very sadistic voice while emphasizing the pizza is going to have olives on it. This whole scene takes place in some shitty motel that most likely charges by the hour. Giuseppe loves utilizing dirty motels. They are the second best thing to the trailer.

Giuseppe Andrews puts shame Lars von Trier’s Dogme 95 movement. He has no interest in pretentious rules (used to hide pretentions) that stunt him as a filmmaker. Andrews has made all his films on a shitty sony camcorder with budgets capable of buying a couple cases of beer. Giuseppe Andrews is the true proletarian auteur.

-Ty E

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