Mar 28, 2008

Do You Like Hitchcock?

Yes, I like Hitchcock. I like him enough to know that Dario Argento’s Do You Like Hitchcock? is an atrocious dishonor to the master of suspense. This is no surprise when considering the amount of failure films that Dario Argento has created over the past couple of years. Do You Like Hitchcock? is the ultimate offense against the director that Argento claims to so dearly respect. It can be rest assured that Alfred Hitchcock's cremated ashes are getting ready to poison Dario Argento's last meal.

Immediately going into Do You Like Hitchcock?, I noticed the film looks like it was produced for public access TV. It can be assumed that Argento knew be the film's production that he would have very little monetary sources to work with. For a director that has influenced Argento so much ( some calling Argento "the Italian Hitchcock"), he could have at least waited to secure funds that would enable him to make a film that looks like it cost at least one million dollars to make.

I really wanted to enjoy Do You Like Hitchcock? The film follows an obsessed film student who has a special affinity for German expressionist cinema of yesteryear. This young man’s life and surroundings eventually start becoming a real life Hitchcock film (of the pathetic no budget persuasion). A murder occurs at the apartment complex across the street. The film student is a voyeur practicing the same obsession as James Stewart did in Hitchcock’s suspenseful masterpiece Rear Window.

Do You Like Hitchcock? is a cheap and offensive homage to one of the most celebrated director’s of the last century. It caters to the fantasies of an early twenties film fanatic and fails in all regards. I still can’t fathom why Dario Argento has turned into such a mediocre director over the past couple of decades. The only semi-interesting recent project Argento has been involved with is the Master of Horror episode Jenifer, in which the strength of the hour long film can be attributed to the writing and not directing. Asia Argento is dominating her father in regards to film direction. I guess she has a lot to say when her father films her getting raped for his films.

-Ty E

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