Mar 30, 2008


"They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities your tombs!"

Demons (Demoni) is the greatest horror film ever made. I start out this essay with serious intentions. This isn't the work of a sarcastic cynic, but rather from an enthusiast of all cinema. I have no proof to warrant this accusation, but i can tell you that Demons is 100% one of a kind.

Perhaps Lamberto Bava's only great film, Demons involves a metal terminator-looking man who issues a ticket to a beautiful young girl. The ticket is to a horror film playing at a Berlin theater. During the film within a film, some of the patrons fold under possession and soon the theater is swarming with demonic Italians. Colorful characters give a voice to this film. Some of which include a Ving Rhames fused with "The Hammer" Williamson character. This man is one of the most bad ass pimps i have seen recently. You can forget about Terrence Howard.

Some very fucked up scenarios even unravel. One being a feeble blind man's daughter leaving his side to fuck some random guy in between the curtains. Needless to say, this scene comes out of left-field and left me almost shocked. Later in the film, a group of rowdy punks snorting cocaine off of tits appear. This provides for some ample entertainment.

Demons is a film that operates completely on it's atmosphere and cheese. Scenes decorate it sporadically involving ridiculous situations. Such as a stud on a dirt bike wielding a katana, and the infamous "Random helicopter breaking through the roof." This is enough to grant the title of "B" movie or even cult classic, but Demons is much more.

The entire setting of it involving a movie theater could be related to the current experience we would have, had we seen this in theaters. Suffice to say, some people have been lucky to see this gem on the big screen. Due to it's plot, I could even imagine this film freaking me out if i were to witness it in a theater. It even goes as far as to be highly fucking entertaining.

The DVD of Demons is in the "Dario Argento Collection." This marketing ploy managed to piss me off royalty. I doubt Dario Argento knows how to make a film of this caliber. So instead of Mario Bava's son getting the credit, It is passed off to the giallo director turned Hollywood hack. Demons features an unusual soundtrack. Claudio Simmonetti composed a beautifully funky score while the soundtrack consists of Motley Crue and Scorpions. It's such a bizarre mix.

Perhaps a reason for this films greatness lies in the hands of Michele Soavi. This is the man who is behind Stage Fright and Dellamorte Dellamore. He plays the metal masked figure and was the assistant director. Through his films, he managed to prove his worth by mixing art with comedy and even gore. While the film isn't too well known, It has it's share of respect. In the video game of Silent Hill, their even exists a theater called "Metropol" and has several Demons posters on display.

Demons is another to suffer the plague of unrelated name advertisement. On record, there are seven films that are either a direct sequel or just given the title to provide a sense of trust. Demons is a landmark in horror. It can be scary or it can be hilarious. For many reasons, I doubt i will ever witness a film like Demons ever again. The only reason cancer hasn't been cured yet, is because instead of spending the research budget on copies of Demons, they purchase science equipment. Pssssh, when will they learn?



Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! DEMONS is one of my all time favorites and hardly ever gets the respect it deserves. I believe Michele Soavi have a big hand in making DEMONS great. I love every movie he has done.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

demons certainly is magnificent entertainment, although i`m not sure about it being the greatest horror film of all time, but admittedly it would probably make most peoples top 10 lists.