Mar 20, 2008

Dead Fury

FSudol is a name that should be known for his amount of hard work. He broke animated horror boundaries down with his 2006 film City of Rott, which was released by Unearthed Films. Although the style and effects were a horror fans wet dream, the film suffered horrible pacing and should have rather been a short film. His new film Dead Fury, fixes his errors and presents an ultimate homage to 80's horror films.

The annoying grandfather character in City Of Rott is back, this time with Jenn, Max, and Jake; a group of friends gone hunting. After a less than intelligent hiker finds a spell book and resurrects a body-jumping demonic zombie spirit, the group must fight for survival in the woods. The film gives it's jokes and credit to The Evil Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, and Tod Browning's Freaks. Dead Fury is a vast improvement over his last.

In this outing, he provides a great story that is still fresh, provides scenery that is pure cartoonish eye candy, then paints the walls red with demon gore. FSudol is a man that i can appreciate. He does almost every job on this film, from the voices, to the production, editing, music, sound effects, and the writing. His work is all a one man job. If his credit stands familiar, you should know that he did animation work on the musical South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

If there is a weapon that you fancy, chances are, is that one of these characters use it to gut a demon. We have scythes, shovels, buzz saws, shotguns, and meat tenderizers. There is really nothing holding back this film except for the repetition of the same vulgarities over and over again; "Stupid Bastard." It is impossible to not watch this film, and have a bloody good time.

Dead Fury is a gory romp; a cabaret of carnage to be exact. To outdo it's own visuals in City of Rott is an achievement worthy of boasting, and FSudol has done just that. If the sight of gloopy intestines mixed with arterial spray and constant vulgarity excites you, you found your new favorite film. This is the new Braindead in terms of no-holds-barred bloodshed.

Wednesday, April 9 « 9:45 PM
Ritz East Theater 2

Tickets $10


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