Mar 3, 2008


Hollywood is full of perverts, degenerates, and antichrists. I can only imagine Steven Spielberg dressed in a messianic cloak surrounded by such satanic showmen as Michael Bay, James Cameron, and Jerry Bruckheimer. Their chore boy would be Clownhouse director Victor Salva. During the filming of Clownhouse, Salva thought it would be ok to molest 12 year star Nathan Forrest Winters. I always thought the random shot of Winters ass in the film was out place and slightly disturbing. Victor Salva left his dirty stamp on it.

It has also been rumored that during the filming of Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola and Victor Salva would have sex with a 14 year old prostitute from the Philippines. That’s probably the reason it took so much money and time to finish Apocalypse Now. All the excitement may have even given the heartache Coppola suffered during the films shoot. Love is a heartbreaker.

Clownhouse is a somewhat awkward film. Three undesirables escape from a mental institution and decide to put on clown outfits. The clowns decide they want to kill a couple kids. Clownhouse has the feeling of a kids film gone wrong. Bad brothers get the punishment they deserve. Director Victor Salva is a man that has values! He know how to differentiate between good guys and bad guys.

Nathan Forrest Winters is the young boy on the far right

is nothing new. The film was obviously the work of a textbook film school technician. Clownhouse has the same contrived and calculated feel as John Carptener’s Halloween (which I am still a fan of). The only real appeal of the film is if you know the dark behind the scenes story surrounding the film.

Hollywood has confirmed that it is pro-pedophilia. Despite what Victor Salva did, he still continues to work in Hollywood. He is most famous for Powder (Nathan Forrest Winters tried to start a boycott at it’s release) and the Jeepers Creepers franchise. Hollywood could easily get thousands of different other “director for hire” filmmakers. Instead they choose to keep giving Salva work. It's not the most pleasant thing to think about when considering that Hollywood virtually sets the moral codes for America.

-Ty E


peregrine fforbes-hamilton said...

heterosexual pedophilia is the greatest thing in the world (and primarily i`m talking about the buggering of heather o`rourke lookalikes) it represents the future for society in general (no matter how much you or anybody else might be in denial about that, always remember this is "the time of sexual repression"). However, pansy queer bastard pedo`s (and of course pansys in general) like salva are the worst kind of scum in the world and must be destroyed with malice-a-fore-thought and extreme prejudice. Long live the heterosexual buggery of heather o`rourke lookalikes, where-as all pansy pedo`s must be killed now.

Inopre said...

Is that a real comment?

Stupid fucking pedophiles. How can any of you be self righteous?