Mar 26, 2008

Class of 1984

I love exploitation films that discredit their token moral code. Class of 1984 is an exploitation film that takes a 1980’s look at the deterioration of public schools and the degeneracy so commonly practiced today. Class of 1984 is more relative today, but who cares about that? I enjoy the film for it’s extreme and offensive showmanship. I really hate the whole serious “empowering teacher” genre.

Class of 1984 features a gang of criminals led by high school fuehrer Stegman. The gang runs drugs, hit jobs, and prostitution at the school. The gang meets their match in the form of a new good guy music teacher. This fellow can’t handle seeing crime and subversion in the sacred grounds of a multicultural public school. Actor (who plays Stegman) Timothy van Patten went on to direct episodes of Sopranos (among other HBO shows).

Michael J. Fox plays the role of a turd like music student (and ally of the music teacher). I was disappointed that Stegman’s gang didn’t finish off Fox’s impotent character. Instead, one of Fox’s friend takes drugs, climbs a flag pole, and finally falls to his death. Class of 1984 is a film that is no doubt fun for the whole family.

Unfortunately for Troma, Class of 1984 puts Class of Nuke ‘Em High to shame. It also makes me wonder if Lloyd Kaufman may have borrowed a couple ideas from the Class of 1984. The film is one of most impressive (if that is saying much) and well crafted exploitation to ever grace the screen of a downtown cum filled movie theater. I don’t even want to think about what Lloyd Kaufman does when the lights go down in a public theater (or bathroom).

Class of 1984 succeeds in making murder, rape, death, and drug use hilarious. I would much rather see that than some garbage intercity shit-fest centering around the dangers and problems regarding public schools. Public schools are only destined to further failure in the future. Why not laugh about it?

-Ty E

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Anonymous said...

this movie kicks ass. its the only time ive really like that perry lang guy and the silly dude from that show white shadow