Mar 28, 2008


might be the greatest dinosaur film ever made. Instead of material focused on subverting race or religion, It ascends into archaic carnage. It's like the Carnosaur just said "Fuck your gender, Imma eat you anyways." And for this, I have great respect. Carnosaur was one of those films you'd rent in your favorite video store as a child. Knowing nothing about it, you wouldn't even realize that these women were giving birth to raptor-rexes.

The plot involved the frequented mad scientist, only this time, she was a crazy female. She created some reborn dinosaurs and managed to spread it like a disease. So not only do we have a killer animatronic baby dinosaur running around, ripping lustful teenage boy's nads off, but we got immaculate dino-conception. This provides an amazing biblical "fuck you." I wonder if this is where the "Raptor Jesus" meme was born.

When Carnosaur was released, Ebert, Film Threat, and even Fangoria loved it. Now it just seems that with the release of the CGI-induced Jurassic Park, everyone forgot about the classics. I am bringing up no new point here, for it seems that this generation are all about the modern cinema. Carnosaur is also one of the older films to have a nihilistic, and sadistic ending.

Carnosaur, besides being cheesy, has a strong commentary behind it. It's a slap in the face of people who try to play god. Keep aneye out for the out-of-control violence towards Hippies. Scene goes as follows. Hippie sees dinosaur. Hippie says "Peace Green Brother." Hippie gets eaten. End of scene.

Diane Ladd is at her peak in this film, giving it the edge for acting it needs. This film relies mostly on screaming humans and prehistoric roars. Dinosaurs don't get much better than this. Carnosaur is the exclusive dinosaur film that features an epic showdown of Lizard VS. Machine. I wouldn't ask for anything else.


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