Mar 21, 2008

Bone Sickness

I am a supporter of DIY filmmakers and their passion for film making. They generally have decided to pursue film making due to their love of film (and fulfilling their dreams). Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), most of these amateur filmmakers lack any type of talent or natural cinematic inclinations. I would have to say that about Brain Paulin and his film Bone Sickness.

Bone Sickness is a zombie film that looks like it was created by an average Joe 30 something year old filmmaker. It features many scenes that are obviously fantasies of the typical and trivia filled Zombie fan. Someone that grew up thinking “I could do that” and “wouldn’t that be awesome if….” Bone Sickness is also probably the only zombie film featuring a flesh eater rising from the depths of an above ground pool.

Digital video has given a voice to the everyday man. Bone Sickness fully utilizes the pro-consumer technology as a mean of capturing Brian Paulin’s dream. It is obvious that Paulin’s main focus was special effects and gore. Bone Sickness has a home video feel that is impossible to ignore. The film is entertaining in a way that is unintentional. I guess that’s better than not being entertaining at all.

I respect that Brian Paulin has created his own film. I am not going to pretend Bone Sickness is a good film. It might be inspiring to those interested in making their own amateur film though. If you want to see bad special effects, unflattering nudity of some random dude’s overweight girlfriend, and Halloween mask zombies, Bone Sickness is the film for you. I find it much more enjoyable to watch a low budget German splatter film.

-Ty E

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jervaise brooke hamster said...

exactly, any film, any film, from anywhere...ANYWHERE...EXCEPT BLOODY CRAPPY BRITAIN, PLEASE DONT REVEIW ANY MORE BRITISH FILMS...PLEASE. Another example: bone sickness blows shaun of the dead out the window.