Mar 16, 2008

Black Sheep

Ever since the release of Shaun of the Dead, the European (Not England) film companies feel the need to mass market their films in our patriotic soil, regardless of how many Americans don’t understand Euro humor. The recent slew of films includes the similar film Severance. Well, due to America’s love of animals and zombies, it seems they found the perfect formula. Meet Black Sheep.

While this review opens up sounding like another walk in the park with a jolly bit o’ tea, be warned, for this film is pure filth. A boy is scarred by his brother and develops a lifetime fear of sheep, quite ridiculous for such a pitiful prank. He is an adult, still pitiful, and still is afraid of sheep. His father died, and has gone back to his hometown to mourn.

Well, some retarded animal rights activist steal a diseased sheep fetus in a tube built like it was from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This is all dandy until they break it. Now New Zealand is plagued with zombie-sheep and zombie-sheep-people. I guess the company felt special for changing the Romzomcom (Romantic Zombie Comedy) into a Romzomshom (Romantic Zombie Sheep-omedy.)

While this alone is only a plot worthy of a Troma release, Dimension Extreme nabbed it. Nothing in this film is extreme, not even the plot. The plot, while not being completely horrible, isn’t enough to strengthen this film’s weaknesses. The acting is poor, and the twists are feeble. These random twists in film need to cease. The whole point of a twist is to surprise. It’s hard to surprise an audience that expects one.

The effects are laughable. Black Sheep seems like a rip-off of Poultrygeist. Regardless of which was first. Black Sheep is not funny, it is not entertaining, and does not have a humanitarian outlook. Even if sheep had an outlook or market in film, this would still horribly disappoint.



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i hate new zealanders the`re just 3 million british bastards who live 13000 miles away from england.