Mar 13, 2008

Being Captured

Being Captured is yet another euro-trash obscurity that really doesn’t make a lick of sense. The plot line follows a woman who gets hired to babysit a supposed child while the wife has an affair with her chauffeur. The only conflicting problem is that the child is a midget in a sailor outfit with a blowgun armed with poison dart. That’s right. This piece of cinema is among many that have been lost and discredited due to obvious reasons, but the truth is that Being Captured is a form of sleazy anti-art.

The films narration follows the victim as she is explaining what happened to her friend; a lawyer. A story that involves a strip-teasing kidnapping midget who has a numerous amount of eccentric fetishes including rape and sodomy. The film is from a VHS transfer available from VSoM, but this version is subbed and cut, so you can imagine how horrible the quality is. The obscurity for the film is the most appeasing asset besides the midget's array of trashy fetishes. This is just one of few films that doesn’t have an iMDB page.

Watching a woman trying to escape from a midget and fail is pretty funny. It is almost as horrible as watching a tiny doll overpower a full-grown man as seen in Child’s Play. The film has a pretty horrible approach on midgets. She constantly screams, “Dirty midget” while he attempts to sodomize her.

The name of the game is stupidity. Sabrina has so many chances to escape but is plagued with naivety, as are most characters on film in similar situations. The soundtrack is reminiscent to most low budget Euro-trash films. Keep in mind this film has an extreme amount of nudity. In fact, Sabrina is only clothed for around 9 minutes of its hour-long runtime.

Italian filmmaker Alberto Cavallone credits his name as Baron Corvo when he directed this film. It must be to hide his name from this absurdity. Being Captured is a rare find that will appease anyone who is a fan of the down right bizarre. Keep in mind though; the ending is basically a lifetime film when it comes down to federal officials. My advice is watch the first 50 minutes, then turn it off.


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David A. Zuzelo said...

I've been after the complete version of this film for ages-the VSoM subbed edition is censored-which is why we keep getting the filler sequences in order.
Call the cops.
Call the cops.
Call the cops.


I love this stupid movie though.