Mar 10, 2008


Gerald Kargl’s Angst is a sadistic serial killer masterpiece. This intense and deranged film even rivals the masterpiece Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. Angst follows a newly released killer that never stopped seeing red despite his “rehabilitation.” As soon as he is released from jail the man embarks on his killing spree. A killing spree that gives this killer perverse sexual satisfaction.

Angst features amazing camera work that flows from one scene to another. The film has a very seamless and superbly constructed feel. I would even goes as far as saying Angst is the most perfect serial killer film that I have ever seen. To further compliment the film’s amazing camera work, the soundtrack adds a crucial cinematic energy that leaves nothing to be desired.

The killer finds a secluded house to carry out his killings. A middle aged mentally retarded and wheel chair bound man is found in the quiet house. Quite an odd first victim for this killer. I was disturbed by the retarded man’s random appearance. Later the handicapped man’s mother and sister show up. The killings become an undesired family affair.

The young sister (mid twenties I suspect) suffers the worst attacks of brutality. The killer has an orgasm of blood and sadism with her. I can’t help to think this is what real victims of serial killers face when they tragically succumb to their unrelenting path. The family dog watches the killings playfully. As a lover of dogs, I couldn't help to focus on the dogs reactions to the killings. The dog eventually hides under covers from the killer. This is probably the only “cute” moment of Angst.

The killer narrates Angst with stories of his tormented childhood and confessions of his most darkest desires. He is the product of neglect and sadism. One can’t truly feel sorry for the killer, but we get an idea where his perversities derive from. Out of all the serial killer films I have seen, Angst most successfully psychoanalyzes the mind of a serial killer. Hannibal Lector would be proud.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

where can i get this film?

scott said...

This is still only on the bootleg markets - no official dvd released.. if the blog authors knows different, please respond.
It can be found on e-mule, though alternately.

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