Mar 18, 2008

Amateur Porn Star Killer 2 (Film Version)

APSK 2 (Film Version) is a difficult film to review. The main reason is it being unfaithful to it’s own sub genre in faux-snuff. The narrative is several title cards placed throughout the 83-minute running time explaining the federal information on this killer. What we gather are his name, victims, and minor details. A man named Brandon meets up with a young girl in a new town and decides to fool around.

That is the plotline right there. What separates this one from the rest is the utmost sincerity of the project. There is no rivers of blood; no exaggerated killings involving intestines. There is just a young man who is driven by his own disturbing sexual aura to murder and rape these young women. The movie version features overkill editing, which gets pretty frustrating while you are watching it.

The filters switch from negative, to night vision, and to many more before this film is over. It gets so damn hard to adjust constantly, but then again, that only saves us from the boring details. This man talking to her involves realistic dialogue, which later leads to realistic sex. This cut is not the snuff version. Do not expect Dogme 95 killing here. This one is very edited, but still carries the majority of the emotion and power.

The film version also features a score and soundtrack. The score is very impressive. I was amazed at how this independent film, especially of it’s genre, managed to grasp such a mesmerizing score and carry it throughout, never dulling; not even for an instance. One reason why this film series came under so much heavy fire from horror fans is that they assume that this director was trying to cash in on the notoriety of the August Underground series.

Wait; now that I think about it, they claim everything is a rip-off of AU. The Poughkeepsie Tapes and Scrapbook are two examples. Hell, I’m sure that if 8MM came out several years later, it would be deemed a knock off too. Lets face facts gentlemen, AU didn’t invent the snuff genre, nor do they deserve the mascot status either. The snuff genre stands on it’s own, bearing no owners or creator.

APSK 2 (Film Version) is a flawed, yet extremely corrosive film depicting real brutality to real people. The ending scene will haunt you, due to the eyes of a young murderer. If only Myspace photos could be that haunting.


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