Mar 15, 2008

10,000 BC

Movies like 10,000 BC just absolutely disgust me. I can just imagine director Roland Emmerich sitting in his lair and counting his gold coins that he suckered out of American audiences hands. He knows that the audience is braindead and whatever crap he makes people will see. 10,000 BC features some of the most hideous mongrelized people I have ever seen in my life. Why anyone would want to see these people in a movie is beyond me.

10,000 BC is another one of those hollow epics that pretend to be reflecting history. Warlords wouldn’t wait days to rape their victims. Savage soldiers still practice gang rape regularly. I guess that virtual savages featured in the film had a moral code that they placed a firm commitment on. Roland Emmerich proved his disdainful hatred towards reality with his pluralistic propaganda “piece” Independence Day.

The only white character in 10,000 BC was killed. He is an old man hidden behind colorful tattered rags to give him a “larger than life” power. When the savage protagonist kills the man it confirms that old man’s power is an illusion. Emmerich’s reason for this scene is to promote riots in American cities and the destruction of “whity“. After the white man is killed, all the savages go ape shit and start killing like crazy. Emmerich portrays them as impulsive yet “noble” animals.

10,000 BC even fails at it’s attempts in showman special effects. The CGI mammoths were pathetic to say the least. A lady friend I know was disappointed in the lack of saber -toothed tigers. She felt the savages should have been ripped to pieces by the tiger.

The only exciting scene in 10,000 BC was when the hideous “old mother” finally kicks the bucket. It was only appropriate on Emmerich’s part to finally put old mother out of her aesthetically unpleasing misery. When American high school students get their education history lessons from Hollywood fantasies, the world will crumble. May Roland Emmerich lead the citizens of the world into hell.

-Ty E


#6 said...

I agree with your review 100%. These piece of shit films are not accidental they are part of the same agenda that gave us Dora the (New World Order) Explorer.

Anonymous said...

Dora's an agent of the NWO? My God, the reptilians are everywhere! But yeah, 10,000 B.C. was just awful.