Feb 12, 2008

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me may be David Lynch’s most disappointing film. Long time lovers of Lynch and Twin Peaks even hated it. Fire Walk With Me explores the life of Laura Palmer leading up to her death. Most Twin Peaks fans would agree this was not necessary.

Probably around half the characters from the TV show never make an appearance in Fire Walk With Me. The film also takes a more serious tone than the quirky TV show. For a feature length film, the quality isn’t much different than TV. Fire Walk With Me features naughty things likes boobies and cracked open skulls. Laura Palmer’s Father is not exactly the best role model.

Fire Walk With Me is still “Lynchian.” The film has the feel of your typical Lynch film. I assume since Twin Peaks was canceled Lynch decided the only way to get out all his perverse TP fantasies would be to do a film. Big names like Kiefer Sutherland and David Bowie appear. Neither of which should have entered Lynch’s Midwestern world.

Still, I do enjoy Fire Walk With Me. It is entertaining enough to get me through the entire film. It is also no doubt better than Lynch’s complete self proclaimed failure Dune. The film has grown a little bit on me since my first viewing (which I barely made it through). Laura Palmer scares me. What a crazy bitch.

-Ty E

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