Feb 19, 2008


Many of you in the extreme gore scene have heard of Ryan Nicholson before. He directed the straight-to-video film LIVE FEED and is releasing his new film GUTTERBALLS soon. His first film is actually a short rape/revenge film which has garnered notoriety for it's graphic depiction of genital torture. While there is nothing wrong with genital torture, i do have a problem with a lack of story, or acting even.

Deanna is an unbelievably tattooed nurse who works at the local hospital. She gets raped while leaving her apartment and then later almost gets raped again. So she decides to extract the sperm and find out the identity of her rapist and see if it's the same one tied up in her living room.

Rape revenge films don't need an award for an amazing yet gripping storyline but they at least entertain and have certain advantages over any other counterpart. In Torched, i see none. The effects are fucking amazing. The blowtorch to the testicles scene left me cringing and the stabbing of the penis with syringes made me want to be a woman. I wanted to love this film but i couldn't bring myself to lie to myself.

The soundtrack is ridiculous. I guess Plotdigger expects you to feel horrible for someone getting raped while hardcore rap plays in the background. A song about fucking, nonetheless. The editing is shoddy and the camera work seems like the camera is taped to a board and carried around. Ryan Nicholson's entry in Rape revenge films adds nothing new to the dying genre except maybe a step up in gore and torture. Stick with the classics, kids.

It's rare that you see a crying woman stumble into the shower only to emerge with her hair perfectly dry and untouched. This is another reason to see Torched. For the effects and the hilarity. People need to learn that putting Death Metal in a soundtrack kills whatever mood it has. Brain Damage Films in particular needs to take a hint from this. Torched is an amateur attack designed to make you grossed out but can't even find it's way to the door. Only recommended for gorehounds.


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