Feb 17, 2008


It is quite a challenge to make a film work in many different genres. (For a good example, See; Save The Green Planet!) Storm starts off with a nifty scene involving a fiery vixen running through the streets holding a cube of unknown origin and contents. All they know is that it must not get in the wrong hands.

The plot kicks off with a Matrix type of feel. We meet Donny AKA "DD", he is a perverted, alcoholic who bathes in his success and spoiled existence, ergo, the average citizen. His life is suddenly shattered when this warrior woman crashes into his life quite literally. From this point on, Donny is sent through time travel, comic-book adaptations in the style of a classic Goosebumps story (Attack Of The Mutant anyone?), and finally into personal territory.

While the plot is confusing as all hell, it eventually falls into place. It appears to be a grand scheme, a puzzle, even. Prepare for a lot of textures to this film. While not being a homage, it has similar scenes to great films, such as Oldboy, The Matrix, and even The Butterfly Effect. While not being personally directed, this film stands with the greats on terms of a psychological head-screw.

As for the action goes, it amazes and keeps you on your feet. Many scenes are well choreographed and frenetic. This film picks up where Night Watch failed. Horrible foreign action/horror/thriller's were not welcomed. Storm gladly blows my expectations down and presents a film that could have went awry but didn't. Whether the reasons be the acting, scenery, wonderful score, or the sci-fi toss around.

Eric Ericson does an amazing job as the confused Donny. Disoriented and constantly bleeding from various scraps with the silent, bald henchmen. The main villain's (Or is he?) presence reminds me of Robert Patrick's Kogo Shuko in Double Dragon, except a lot more effective. Many scenes of humor are present and features wonderful narration. What i felt was the most important aspect of the film was the end. Instead of wrapping everything up in a neat package, we deal with more conflict.

This goes without saying there is never an end to conflict. I felt this was a very humane approach that kept the film in reality. Freshens the viewer up after the roller-coaster ride through dimensions and conspiracies. Storm is the cyberpunk film for the new generation. Loaded with gritty violence and philosophical views on our existence, it never ceases to amaze. Somethings can be forgotten, this film can't.

Expect a forecast from TLA Releasing for more information on its release.


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