Feb 28, 2008

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Stars War IV: A New Hope
is a film school jerk off fest. George Lucas obviously took all he learned at film school and put it all together in a “futuristic” way. Essentially Star Wars is just another Samurai or Western. Just add the sci-fi setting.

John Ford was a huge influence on the film. The scene where Luke’s Aunt and Uncle are found dead was taken from The Searchers. Kurosawa was another big influence as Star Wars is a loose remake of Hidden Fortress. Droid C-3PO was taken from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Leni Riefenstahl’s third reich art masterpiece Triumph of the Will also influenced Star Wars (especially during the end heroic award scene).

The “rebel alliance” seem to be modeled after Bolshevik revolutionaries (who were the most evil people in history). I am not surprise that an Antichrist like George Lucas would show props to mass murderers. The “Galactic Empire” is supposed to be modeled after EVIL NAZI BUTCHERS!!!! Lucas wasn't try to hide this when he decided to name the imperial soldiers “storm troopers.” The soldiers (and Darth Vader) also share similar helmets to that worn by German in World War I and II.

I like to interpret Darth Vader as Adolf Hitler. Adolf was a Jew that decided it was a time for a change just as Vader went from “good” to “evil.” English hammer film actor Peter Cushing (who played a Nazi in Zombie classic Shock Waves) plays Grand Moff Tarkin who looks like he was modeled after Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels. Tarkin and Goebbels were both very charming characters.

Josef Goebbels

Grand Moff Tarkin

George Lucas updated Star Wars with new and "improved" special effects. Like Steven Spielberg, Lucas seems to have the mind of a child. His obsession with candy polished special effects makes me sick. Lucas’s net worth is estimated at $3.6 Billion. Hopefully he will take the money (as it keeps growing) and build his own spaceship which might tragically crash in Uranus.

Portrait of an Artist

P.S: Mark Hamill is a little turd.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, though I still enjoy the movie. I'm not enthralled by it like some others, but it's a cool flick. I do like bad movies though, so I guess that says something.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

i want to bugger carrie fisher (as she was in 1976, not as she is now obviously).

Pauline Hickeys incredible tits said...

I essentially agreed with everything you wrote but whenever i watch this movie it does still seem to have a strange kind of magic about it, if you`re able to overlook all the British involve-girl-t obviously.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

George lucas is indeed a bloody load of old rubbish but as a film-maker hes still a thousand times more talented and imaginative than all the (so-called) film-makers that have ever emerged from Britain in the last 122 years put together.

Nate O`Hanlon said...

I still cant believe Carrie snuffed it on what would`ve been the Angels 41st birthday, admittedly they were both Princesses of Hollywood special effects but it was still a strange and eerie co-incidence. BTW Ty E, i was going to say what about reveiwing THE LAST JEDI as a special Christmas treat for all the readers of this site but then i realised it was mostly filmed in Britain so forget it, just carry on with the pretentious highbrow elitist nonsense instead, as long as its not British or faggot related obviously!.