Feb 12, 2008

Skull & Bones

Enter the appropriately named director T.S. Slaughter, director of the gay "HOMO-cidal" film SKULL & BONES. Upon getting my screener copy i had no idea what i was in for. It is impossible to say this film is a horrible film, while i was damn near entertained, i only had a few annoyances.

You meet Nathan and Justin, two gay sex buddies who live a dull life in a local university. Due to their love for serial killers and their hatred for Ivy League preps, they take it upon themselves to rape and humiliate anyone who dare crosses them. What makes this film so special is its use of political incorrectness and its avid conspiracies being thrown into the mix.

Nathan and Justin are pretty normal guys who live and lust. Justin is the underling and looks up to Nathan. This is shown in several horribly acted segments. "You are SOO awesome, Nathan". Derrick Wolf who plays Nathan is an absolute blast to watch. From his maniacal laughter and his Peter Sarsgaard sounding voice, he is but a pillar to hold this movie.

One gripe i had was the coffin. It was made with bits of cardboard it seemed, and had over the top creaking-dungeon-door sound effects added in. Later in the film, we see a slide show slide of some of the more famous real life serial killers. Many are noted as being homosexual. Could this be a undertone saying that homosexuality spawns homicidal urges?

Do not expect anything from this film without knowing anything more than the plot. But expect Gay rape scenes involving political caricature masks, pretty pythons, the same hilarious baiting scene used four times, and every fruit known to mankind used to sodomize these poor richies. I also loved the deep message it conveys, basically saying that in every male is a homosexual side.

Despite the sometimes horrid acting and shitty set design, Skull & Bones manages to be a good indie horror gem with a very different type of feel; hence it not sticking to a specific genre. I also enjoyed the use of exotic animals to build almost a primitive and classic horror feel, similar to the films of Coffin Joe or the more widely known, The Serpent & The Rainbow.

As said in Scream, "Now Sid, don't you blame the movies, movies don't create psychos, movies make psychos more creative! "

Let's see what Mr. Slaughter can do with a "butt-jet"
Get it?


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