Feb 4, 2008


Within every genre, there are select films that earn the title of "Best in the Genre". For romance we have Casablanca, Drama we have Citizen Kane and American Beauty, and for horror we have The Exorcist and Jaws. The fourth outing of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo series is among the placeholder of best action films. Now when i heard of JOHN RAMBO (Alternative Title) i about pissed myself. Having seen the trailer once, I quickly rewatched it for about the length of the film itself.

Not only does it entertain on a visual level but the sheer amount of carnage and limbs flying around only make it better. Having left off with Rambo III, we return with our beloved Anti-hero John Rambo working in Thailand. He has his own boat and just wanted "The quiet life".

He is confronted by a handful of solid missionaries wanting to go into the dreadful land of Burma. Mr. Rambo refuses because it is a place of genocide. After some breaking, he decides to take them in due to the kind eyes of a looker. After killing a pirate ship (Don't laugh) and dropping them off at the shore, the missionaries are quite unimpressed with his barbaric style of NOMERCY killings.

Ten days later, a priest from a church in Colorado wants Rambo to take a group of mercenaries to the point where he dropped them off at for an extraction mission. Turns out the idiots who wanted change without weapons and killing got the ass-end of the deal. So looks like it's up for not only Rambo to save the idiot American's lives but the lives of the mercenaries as well.

So for all the critics and citizens alike who complain that there is no plot or fiber to the film, that it is all blood and extreme violence, you are seriously missing the entire point of the film. It's not a happy film by any means. Things like this actually take place in the world. Too bad we don't have any John Rambo's to make it better by blasting, ripping, and stabbing our way to a better future.

As the tagline for the third film goes. "First was for himself, Second was for his country, This time....it's for his friend". This chapter adds a fourth line. The last time, is for the world because that is what Rambo believes in. He eventually comes to terms that he is a war-bred machine. Expect an amazing ending to a perfect film. The only thing that could make this film better would be Rambo standing on a cliff, banging his chest letting loose a guttural war cry.

Contrary to that, we have plenty of Rambo being a badass motherfucker, not involving scenes of him escaping a massive explosion on foot, ripping out someones throat, or the 50 caliber carnage scene that will leave fans of Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan squirming in their cribs. It's funny how the line in this film "Killing is as easy as breathing if you are pushed" is the most accurate statement someone with natural instincts can make. Anyone can kill. Watching the breakdown of some of the catholics as they have no choice but to kill is an effective scene. Expect many dead Asians.

"Live for nothing.....or die for something"

These words not only mean the most to a person, but actually might inspire a revolution similar to the one depicted within. Upon the films release, Rambo was banned in Burma. However, that hasn't stopped DVD pirates from selling thousands of copies below the military's un-keen noses. This film might even push into a full scale revolution. Now how epic would that be?


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