Feb 7, 2008


Psy-Show is a near perfect short film from Marina de Van, the director of the recently reviewed ALIAS and IN MY SKIN. Psy-Show might be a perfect short. It is just the right length at 19 minutes, has a tremendous tone to it, features impeccable performance, and features an amazing song by Tom Waits at the end credits.

This short follows a very different style of filming. You know only certain details about the characters. One is a depressed male who's age is semi-apparent due to his balding scalp and the other is the psychoanalyst who's intentions are mysterious and he has a lunatic feel. A similar character is the Marquis off of Svankmajer's Lunacy.

So what indeed happens, is that this fragile man becomes a pawn in this analyst's everyday routine. He has equipped his chair with a motor and a joystick hidden in the arm of his chair that allows him to move his chair around without the victim viewing, in order to create true hysteria. Seems a bit barbaric to me. His methods may be uncivil but could be determined as effective to say the lease.

Throughout this short, the man becomes unnerved and irritable. Getting more hollow as the time goes by. The analyst just smiles this devilish look and tells him it is all in his head. For being such a almost hopeless short, it is quite humorous and has an immense amount of French charm. Highly recommended with it's divine lighting and mood, In My Skin is a DVD you must get. Three great films for the price of one.


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