Feb 18, 2008


Many reviews have stated that the director of this Mexican-style bonanza worship the pedestal of Robert Rodriguez. I see that this is not the case, for with one film, Shaky Gonzalez has exceeded Rodriguez. I have not had so much fun with a western film in a long time. Gonzalez pays his dues to his inspirations and continues with this grim blast of an actioner.

Frank Lowies is an infamous gangster who gets involved with a heist that leaves 5 million in cash missing. Martin is an aspiring director who is writing a script on the events. In hopes to get more material, he meets up with "Crazy Uffe" who tells his a long story of the characters outcomes which bring hilarity, death, bloodshed, betrayal, and sexy strippers.

Like a cross between Rat Race and The Good, Bad, The Ugly, this film packs a punch. Pistoleros is like a double-barreled fiesta loaded with dueling weapons, a case of money, and the worst double-crossings you can imagine. You will constantly be thinking as this film twists and turns with its multiple storylines eventually colliding into one. This film would have been above average had it not been filmed as a story within a story.

The acting and fighting is amazing. Sonny who pulls the Martial arts out frequently shines, as he roundhouse kicks his way through any opposer. The makeup designs were incredible. The bruises and grime on Ramirez's face were intimidating to say the least. Shaky Gonzalez may have started with love for Rodriguez, but playtime is over. It's time for this director to pursue new tasks and goals.

Thankfully, the film works to the highest degree ensuring lots of entertainment. Of course, it does have it's flaws. The pacing in the beginning is a bit tedious and the length is a bit drawn out. All in all, an excellent package for fans of run-and-gun, no mercy western/gangster films.

Keep an eye out for this murder margarita.


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