Feb 29, 2008

Perfect Red

Making a good short film isn't necessarily a difficult chore, but an original idea that is unlike anything, that is where the challenge resides. PERFECT RED is an above-average short film about a tortured artist (Go figure) who is having a mental block finishing her painting.

Along come a group of criminals who break into her house and become pawns of the "twist" ending. Being a 13 minute long short doesn't guarantee any depth to the film, but it generates as much as it needs. The entire film runs along the twist ending, sort of like the love-hate film Haute Tension. Perfect Red goes without saying that it is an interesting twist to a certain genre which i cannot name, otherwise i would ruin the film for you.

It features some interesting effects and some mundane "girl talk" but if given the chance, it's hard to look at a film of such a low running time with scornful eyes. Just to mention, the soundtrack was great and very effective. The only thing that could have strengthened this short would be some much-needed length and more depth.


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