Feb 23, 2008

Nobody Loves Alice

Nobody loves Alice is a full-length debut independent horror film directed by Roger Scheck. The plot follows a very overdone plot of a “I love you so much I’m going to kidnap you” sort of pattern, but with a higher dosage. Alice is an adorably shy new secretary at her new office. She can never seem to find love, so she forces people to love them. How, you might ask? By binding and torturing them of course!

I had only a few problems with this disturbing gem and one of them is the length of the film. For a film of this uncomfortable caliber, for my own sanity, should be around 40 minutes. I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit that this film had me on edge for most of its runtime. Nobody Loves Alice can be called the lovechild of May and Misery.

The director really seems to have directing down, this being his first film and all. The acting of course is a mixed bag for being an independent. We have our natural talent, and then the lesser works. Alice was a perfect role for the lovely Nitzan Mager. She might seem to have a heart full of gold, but rest assured, this bitch is stone cold.

Despite it’s low budget, the film has some greatly filmed scenes with some realistic bloodshed. The set of the torture room was intense as hell. It must have taken a while to splatter all that blood on the wall and mattress. I only had a few real complaints with this film, one being the stupidity of the characters at random intervals. One second they will have a great idea and do something completely original for the “psycho-chick” genre, only to walk into a room and completely lose their guard.

Words cannot describe the tension this film brought out. At times I was giggling at Alice’s cute and shy mannerisms, only to be horrified and distraught five minutes later. Nobody Loves Alice is a physical and emotional ride through relationship hell. I don’t think I will be looking for love anytime soon. This Lifetime movie from hell comes highly recommended.


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