Feb 15, 2008

No More Souls: One Last Slice of Sensation

Hellraiser is one of many horror film franchises that start off with a great start then just bog down into un-entertainable mush. This is a short film shot on high def for around a couple thousand dollars. Keep in mind it is only 5 minutes long. Seems a bit pricey for only 5 minutes eh? Well, the plotline follows the leader of the cenobites named "Pinhead". Quite an iconic figure he is. Well this time, he is old and is not Douglas Bradley.

Trust me, i was moaning too. Mankind has gone extinct leaving no more souls to torture, no more pleasure, and the fear that his followers will turn on him. Whats an immortal being to do? Well, he decides to open the puzzle box himself. We know what happens now. Only problem is, is the execution of the scene. Instead of getting the chain-gang, we merely have a Caesar-esque stabbing that is no worthy of the often-beautiful slayings in the Hellraiser series.

The acting is little to none. Just a monotone monologue from Pinhead (Which is all we need) and the set designs were decent. The lighting tended to be annoying and the Chatterer looked disgraceful and didn't "chatter". All in all, it is worthy of being a contender for the true Hellraiser films.

No More Souls should be treated as a sequel to Hellbound and you should ignore all the other entries. It is the only one worth the Clive Barker seal of approval. This is a fan film worthy of seeing and is available as an easter egg on the DVD of Deader. The Hellraiser mythos has only gone downhill lately. I'm waiting for those talented Frenchies to re-imagine it already.


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