Feb 29, 2008

National Lampoon's Last Resort

The two Coreys star in National Lampoon’s Last Resort. This straight to VHS trash classic is virtually unknown to most movie fans (and for good reason). This was also one of the last films in which Feldman and Haim collaborated with each other. Corey Haim’s brain doesn’t seem as fried in Last Resort as it tragically is now.

At least ¼ of Last Resort is spent making the audience aware that they are watching a movie. This reflexive tool gets old fast. Last Resort also takes a neo vaudevillian approach in tribute to Feldman and Haim’s comedic pioneering ancestors. I got the feeling the Last Resort was like Forbidden Zone for special ed. Middle school kids.

Soul Mates

The cartoon like quality of the film invites the viewers to just have fun. At not point does Las Resort take itself seriously. The villains of the film constantly change wardrobe and voices. Pirates and Hitler go great together. Corey Feldman also appears briefly at the end in his Michael Jackson costume. He has a true love for the king on pop.

A bickering elderly Jewish couple also appear in the film. They haven’t had sex in over thirty years. Unfortunately their abstinence ends at the conclusion of Last Resort. A Texan couple appears dumb and excited (for MOVIES!) in contrast to the Jewish couple. Every wack job attends Last Resort.

The most interesting aspect of Last Resort is the film’s set design. Purposely contrived and exaggerated, I found myself enjoying the look of Last Resort. The film also had similar cardboard cutout look to Richard Elfman’s Forbidden Zone. Last Resort borders on the silly and the surreal. I remember watching the film in elementary school and thinking it was fucked. It sure beats a film like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (an all time low for humanity).

-Ty E

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