Feb 20, 2008

The Naked Kiss

The Naked Kiss is a pulp gem directed by B movie auteur Samuel Fuller. A city prostitute takes up life as a small town nurse. She soon realizes that the little town is not as clean as she desired it to be. Sam Fuller always had an obsession with examining topics and situations that most people would rather pretend didn’t exist. The Naked Kiss may be the most offensive of Fuller’s long list of films.

Young multicultural crippled children in pirate outfits surround the prostitute turned nurse’s new life. Her new love Grant, has a disturbing attachment to these unfortunate children. Grant’s family is famous in this small town and his secret may upset quite a few people. Even prostitutes can only tolerate so much.

The Naked Kiss was obviously promoted as a lowbrow shock fest during its release. Although obviously catering to it’s intended audience, The Naked Kiss is much more than a cheap thrill. City boy Samuel Fuller may have contempt for the small town. It is doubtful that he bought into the wholesome values of such a foreign area. Cultural Marxist morons may have even called him a “xenophobe” if it fit their agenda.

Samuel Fuller was obsessed with political commentary, sleaze, and the dark depths of humanity. The Naked Kiss features all of Fuller’s signature qualities. Like many of his films, it would also be considered a Neo-Noir, considering it was released 20 years after the peak of that genre. Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Brian De Palma borrowed a lot from the late director. Fuller’s influence on filmmaking should be more recognized.

Expect disturbing a children’s song when watching The Naked Kiss. Don’t expect graphic violence, nudity, and perversion. The Naked Kiss does more alluding than showing. Fuller knew how to get around the censors.

-Ty E

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JD said...

Fuller made so much possible.
I met his widow a couple of years ago.
I like this film. Good review.