Feb 29, 2008

Meatball Machine

Meatball Machine is exactly what you would expect from a title like this. It is slimy, has lots of red meat, and pockets of vibrant gore plastered all over it. Director Yudai Yamaguchi is also the noted director of the shit fest Death Trance, which just like Meatball Machine, had an amazing premise but failed to deliver what it promised. You may recognize this name when i mention his upcoming film "The Machine Girl" Another film that promises a lot but knowing this director, it might not be worthy of all this e-buzz.

It takes a plot about the loner child who is in "love" with someone he has never met in his life. After his co-workers begin to attack her, he decides to stand up for her. After promptly getting his ass kicked, he retreats to a movie theater to watch a porn film. In his seat, a hermaphrodite begins to hit on him and he leaves. She/He walks outside and promptly kicks his ass too. That is when he finds a metal spider-like thing. From here is where the plot kicks into it's adrenaline fueled gore-spree.

It takes the budding romance story, holds it up, then unleashes a flaming punch in the face; temporarily disabling it. Throughout the story, it declines like a real relationship. At first, you are incredibly heartfelt and care too much but when it gets too repetitive you slowly back away allowing fate to take its course. This part i respected. Even the blood & guts was incredibly abundant. Meatball Machine is the equivalent of a cross-breeding of three specimens; Tetsuo: The Iron Man, American Gladiators, and Dead Alive.

Much of the praise should be for the prosthetics. Wires, tubes, alien organisms, and spores decorate the invaded human bodies like moss on a rock. These alien creatures when symbiosed with human flesh look like an extremely disturbing, yet fucked up Power Ranger villain. Taking it's visual and fleshy influences from the likes of The Matrix and Star Trek, we meets several characters who are sympathetic to the cause of the "Necrobourgs"

The film rushes through it's runtime and tries to present so much visual flair that in the end just seems like a TV dinner that exploded in the microwave. While this isn't a perfect film, i will admit it is a damn fun time. Meatball Machine is the definitive splatterpunk film of this generation.


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