Feb 5, 2008

Lethal Force

Imagine a pure-octane action movie with a lot of throwbacks to the grand days of discovering Riki-Oh. Finding Lethal Force for sale is the only thing you can possibly do to get that same grand feeling of watching something so over-the-top yet hilariously brilliant and violent at the same time. Alvin Ecarma's Lethal Force is a spoof film that is just a little bit serious. It parodies blaxploitation films, kung-fu classics, and the ridiculous early crime films.

The plot is something we have heard of before. A gangster is forced to turn in his best friend who also happens to be a hitman, after his wife was murdered and son was taken hostage. The hitman with the name of Savitch (Get it?) is the placeholder of all the action scenes. This includes catching knives in his teeth and squishing eye goo out of putty-lookalike henchmen's faces.

While some of the acting is quite atrocious, it semi-works due to the wardrobe. They look the part therefore they must fit. Cash Flagg Jr. is amazing as Savitch. Not only is he the badass, cold minded killer who has a soft spot for his time in 'Nam but he has suave one liners and the ability to deflect bullets with knives sticking out of his palm. Cash Flagg Jr. would fit perfectly in the live action cast of a Dragonball Z film.

The characters in this film that decorate the beautiful artwork are extremely eccentric and are amongst the enormous appeal. We have a little boy who is thrown into a quick draw match to the death, an obese lady with a humongous fez on her head. The crippled shaded villian who reminds me of a scientist, the soul powered Foxy Brown parody and let us not forget the henchmen. Their uniform is a black suit with kabuki masks. Very iconic and should be delved into in the sequel. They remind me of Putty's.

The sheer absurdity is amazing and goes down well with intoxication. The whole reason the shaded man wants Savitch for revenge is explained in the funniest assassin scene ever. The villian went to the public mail drop box and puts his letter in. He turned around and it opened and flew out. After this happening a couple more times, you see Savitch's face inside and he shoots the man in the face, scarring him for life.

Lethal Force is a must for any fan of action or comedy. Look for this off the wall kooky film at a store near you. You can only benefit with a film as wise as this one.


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