Feb 7, 2008


Now with the theatrical release of Juno, self proclaimed "Indie" film of the year, this style of film-making often brings up questions in my head. Why do these "independent" (Note the quotations) films have million dollar marketing campaigns, big name actors, and the licensed songs to every popular over-rated acoustic band in such a vagrant editing style?

The plot is simple but cute. Juno MacGuff is a social misfit. Nothing about her is normal. Not her love for Iggy Pop nor her hamburger phone. Along with these horrible scenes that try to make her seem oh so different, she misquotes a popular nostalgic phrase. Nearing the end, she exclaims aloud "THUNDERCATS ARE GO". Now, me being a true child of all nostalgic era's, I immediately noticed it should read "THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO". Director Jason Reitman should fire his script supervisor.

The film is packed to the metaphorical brim with odd scenes to try and emphasize the couple's quirkiness. The couple being Michael Cera (Of Superbad Fame) and Ellen Page (Of Hard Candy Fame). Whether it be balling up her coveted panties and thinking aloud of her or getting "super psyched" for the rerun of The Blair Witch Project. Now just because i have so much to say on the negative side doesn't mean i didn't enjoy it. In fact, i found it to be adorable, but since the outbreak of "Indie" filmmakers, such as R. Linklater, W. Anderson, and N. Baumbach, i have been disgusted by this contest to see who can shove the most Velvet Underground or Cat Power songs into the extensive soundtrack.

The acting of course was exceptional, but the real star is Cera, whose goofy stance and perfect running outfit had most of us feeling adorably awkward. The film is too dumb for it's own good though. Whether it be the same editing that has been seen in every film lately, Quick action cuts paying attention to the very everyday detail of the common life. That tends to get boring. The only film to bring justice to this procedure was Shaun Of The Dead. Also noted that J.K. "J. Jonah Fucking Jameson" Simmons has a role that produces many laughs.

Expect the first ten minutes of dialogue to consist of stupid hipster speak, throwing around "fer shizzle's" galore and city talk. This only makes me wish it had subtitles. This film is a great film to own for its cute mannerisms but is not worthy of an Academy Award. See also; Little Miss Sunshine for another "Indie" film with a budget of several million. These movies with the label of such, are funded by producers from big studios; swine of the worst degree. Greedy money hungry thieves who enjoy getting the masses in an uproar over a film that makes you feel original to love.

While the film has it's very own pretentious aspects, it also introduces mainstream audiences with Suspiria and Herschell Gordon Lewis, which only infuriates me further. Overall, i enjoyed it but to be honest, it is a dumb film. Packing a film with charisma and chemistry doesn't ensure success, the key to that is obviously putting Velvet Underground on the soundtrack.

EDIT// I am a horrible, jaded cynic



Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on the "indieness" of movies like this and Little Miss Sunshine. Little Miss Sunshine was SO terrible. The fact that it was even considered for an Oscar is embarrassing. It seemed like writers sat around making up the weirdest characters they could, then grouped them and called it a "family." Then, they came up with a crazy premise for them. The End.

Anonymous said...

Great review for an awful movie.I think the  catch phrase that Diablo Cody wanted was actually "Thundercats HOOOO!" - which she mixed with "Thunderbirds are GO!"  What a tool.

the lady in the car, with glasse`s and a gun said...

i was disapointed by the dialogue in this film, i`d been led to beleive that the whole movie was going to be an endless sucession of pop culture references, for instance i thought she was going to be doing endless impersonations of lynn lipton doing cheetara`s voice, instead we got one thundercats reference in the entire film, and i thought she would be doing endless lines from land of the giants and lost in space with lots of impersonations of deanna lund, heather o`rou...er i mean...young, angela cartwright, marta kristen, and june lockhart, instead the dialogue was strangely conventional and straightforward. And overall the film was over-rated, i certainly wouldn`t want to watch it again.