Feb 25, 2008

Interview with Giuseppe Andrews

Most people know Giuseppe Andrews as one of the stoner Kiss fans in Detroit Rock City and his kid role in Independence Day. It's a shame considering Andrews is one of the most original auteur filmmakers out there. He shoots his films on a Sony camcorder and for the most part has them set in his trailer park. Hollywood beware!

SS: So Giuseppe, What made you decide to be a filmmaker? Has it always been an ambition you have had?

GA: I've been chosen by the cosmos.

SS: What camera are you currently shooting on? What do you like about?

GA: the same camera ive shot with for 10 years, it's sony, i don't know the model. i like that it films an image with sound.

SS: I have noticed you are a fan of the late German New Wave auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder. As directors, both of you have the ability turn the most limited of sets (the trailer) into extraordinary scenes of drama. What attracted you to Fassbinder? Does his filmmaking influence yours?

GA: His style and his ideas and yes.

SS: The trailer park is a place not often seen in Hollywood films but more representative of American than say New York City. What compels you to shoot in the trailer park? Do you think the average American has a sort of fear of the Trailer Park?

GA: The cosmos chose it. I do make films in other places, but I shoot alot in the trailer park because i live there and im reclusive.

SS: In your films, you have some of the most interesting characters/real people (Bill Nowlin, Tyree, Walt Dongo, Vietnam Ron, etc.). Did you know any of them personally before they became your stars?

GA: yes, all of them.

SS: What other directors (if any) have inspired you or have had an influence on your filmmaking? What are some of your favorite films and/or directors?

GA: here are the films i own:
50 movie pack of western classics
the singing dectective
pennies from heaven
lamb of god - live
steven allen davis - live
the ed wood collection
the first films of samuel fuller
el topo
the fassbinder collection 2
berlin alexander platz
the giant claw
play time
townes van zandt documentary
inland empire
the african queen
mister hulot's holiday
film noir box set
I have had thousands of films in my trailer, but these are the only ones that remain

SS: I have noticed that you have been doing acting for some horror films lately. Are you a fan of the genre and if so, what are some of your favorite films and filmmakers?

GA: i like night of the living dead

You have some interesting tattoos. I especially like the war tattoo and noticed that start Bill Nowlin has a similar tattoo. Is there a story behind that?

GA: i got it right after i made my first movie, touch me in the morning, to remind myself that i was entering a war against the old establishment of cinema. as years went by, it's meaning changed to symbolize war against other things such as addicition and demons. now, it just makes me smile for pure punk value.

SS: You are also a musician. What inspires you to play music? Do you have any type of process you go through when creating music?

GA: i can only answer this question like this: walks, talks.

SS: Troma has released a couple of your films. A while back they were supposed to release a box set of your films. What happened with that? Are you a Troma fan?

GA: I think they're having distributing and financial problems.

SS: Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers?

GA: "be prepared to bleed" -joni mitchell

SS: What can we expect from Giuseppe Andrews in the future?

GA: alot of films and alot of music. and one big-ass novel.

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