Feb 8, 2008


AKA: A l' Interieur

Rarely does a movie terrify the audience, and it is even more rare when a film terrifies and disgusts you. Thank god for the dynamic duo of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. Lately, they have become a target of rage from fanboys everywhere due to their remake of Hellraiser coming soon. After seeing this debut film, of all places coming from France, home of the worse new-wave film trend as of late, i graciously accept their warm gift of Hellraiser presented in a beautiful bloody digital package.

The film follows a plot so simple, that it would be pointless to explain the film. Whereas you go and purchase it on March 4th, you can view this cinematic tour de force. This film's emotions will lay you down so quick with the sheer amount of travesty presented in this film. In order to explain the feelings i encountered during this film, you must know that this is a drive through hell and back.

Not only are the performances impeccable but the intensity of the acting down to their habits when frustrated, angered, or traumatized, are down right a masterful art. Not since underrated film of the century Fear X has a film made me feel shivers so deep and honest, yet cry not caring who sees you. Thanks to directors such as Alexander Aja and these two new ones, my faith in French horror, cinema even, has been restored to full power.

Béatrice Dalle is downright one of the most sensitive lunatics to ever grace film. The subtlety of her moods and her frustration causing her to go ballistic was all apart of her plan. I am sure that with out the collaborative minds of actresses and directors alike, this film would have been another gore-soaked disaster. So the plot in layman's terms, a woman who is pregnant gets in a car crash. Leaving no survivors including her boyfriend. Somehow her baby made it out of the mess. Thankfully it is almost due four months later but someone shows up outside her house. Let the bloodbath ensue.

The film uses similar bloodshed and gore to the short film Cutting Moments. The editing is terrifying, mixed in with the sound effects that make your brain go crazy, and you yourself begin to feel the insanity leaking into your own brain. The drones in this film are similar to the ones Aja used in his The Hills Have Eyes remake. Granted these ones are more effective. So when Inside is released on March 4th, i expect you to purchase this film from Dimension Extreme at all costs. This might be the most narcissistic, violent film i have seen in a long while.


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jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to bugger Beatrice Dalle (as she was in 1982 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously).