Feb 20, 2008

Heaven's Gate Initiation Tape

Heaven’s Gate is the infamous cult lead by Marshall Applewhite who all committed suicide in order to ride a spaceship hidden behind a comet to escape earth, not before cutting off their genitals. This is the recorded tape used to induct all incoming members. As you can tell, this is a rare piece of film and has it’s own disturbing aura surrounding it.

When you begin you watch Applewhite in his creepy glory, discussing about how he is the sanctioned reborn Jesus Christ and about how earth is going to be “recycled”. He repeats this word over and over again, hinting that through the Heaven’s Gate is the only way to evacuate a doomed planet. As you watch, his eyes begin to pierce yours. I can’t tell which is more unsettling, his stare or the fact of his ramblings.

The first tape was made 5 days before the suicides, in order to try to ease the theory of our shells being expendable. He calls his father (GOD) Te. He goes about offering the truth in his same fashion, discussing re-spading, or recycling the earth, a looming rapture. His rantings go from hard to believe to commenting on “attractive extraterrestrials”. It’s hard to look past his eyes. It seems that he never blinks.

“I’m wearing a human vehicle because I have to wear one for this task”

His rants are mostly misanthropic, denouncing genetics and the lust of the flesh. Must be the reason for the castration. He relates his UFO cult as the only religion and all others are ruined records of mankind. First he verbally massacres humanity, then Christianity. Apparently, God flies around in a spaceship.

As he makes silly jokes, you hear his deranged followers behind the camera chuckling some viciously deranged laugh. Some of his talks mean a lot. For something as ridiculous as what he follows, he begins to crack up and begins to break down discussing the abortion of our “human vehicles”. The tape clocks in at around 2 hours, and can be very hard to stick with.

It’s like one of those early morning aggressive preachers broadcasts. That of course plus the harrowing details added to the story. The tape is also served as a terrifying look into his mind. Saying that this is a personal thing for him would be an understatement. Apart from being mildly psycho, he has a beautiful mind. Aside from his ramblings, he begins to talk about how he is related to Judeo-Christians and how the only religion worth following is his own and Muslims.

After these maniacal two features of introduction, we see archived news footage of the dead lying on cots. The mass suicide instructions were announced and several news stories are explored. We see beautiful people discussing how happy they are about their decisions, normal everyday people falling to a greater scheme of madness.

“It is the beginning of the end.”

So with all this in mind, would you die for god?

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