Feb 29, 2008



(The Fish That Has Is Crunched And The Wound Is Received)

Chances are, if you have read Soiled Sinema before, you have come across a review to a particularly nasty piece of film called MASD-004. That being of the scatography collection, It might be the most uncivil cinematic trial anyone has ever been faced with. Well, turns out there are more in this bizarre series of the J-AV's. Expanding from MASD to GEN. MASD seems to be body fluids and GEN seems to extend into...slimy...amphibians and fish.

Yes, that is right. Fish-rape-porn. What makes this more disgusting than MASD-004 is the entire feel. Sure, feces covering a crying womans face is disgusting, but getting sodomized by slimy fishermen with even slimier fish just hits it home with me. I could actually smell the disgusting sea smell when i watched this and it refused to leave me. So, the film opens up with a pretty Japanese woman getting molested by two oil-covered fishermen. Like any porn, it starts out with foreplay, then they pull out two fish and begin to stuff her mouth with them.

At this time, she has about 4-5 medium sized fish in her mouth. The fishermen cut one open, spilling its blood, oils, and intestines all over her breasts and procede to use a large trout to perform fellatio on himself. Then he brings the girl into it. While she is getting mouthraped? (Roleplay mind you) the other fisherman taunts her with fish, cutting off littles pieces and shoving them in her mouth. The end result of the first scene is her covered in sperm, vomit, fish, and oil. The next scene thankfully happens to be the last, but in that regard, tens times more violent and putrid than the last.

The woman is lying on the floor naked playing with little fish, biting their heads off and squishing them beneath her toes. She grabs a handful of fish and begins to fill her mouth with them yet again, only this time savagely devouring and spewing these raw fish back onto herself. The fishermen come back and in the last 20 minutes, manage to throughly ruin my life by injecting a large quantity of milky residue and fish eggs into her anus, and performing bird-like acts feeding chewed up fish to her while fucking her propped on a swing. GEN-018 is without a doubt, the sickest film i have ever seen. To call it porn, it must have some attraction. GEN-018 does not.

A beautiful piece of irony. I google GEN-018, i get fish porn. I google GEN-017, i get the bible.

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Unknown said...

Not that's some must-see-tv.
No doubt.

Anonymous said...

if you thought GEN-018 was bad, GEN-017 involves live octopi.

Soiled Sinema said...

I will get most of the GEN'S

Anonymous said...

Where do u find these damn films?