Feb 16, 2008

Forklift Driver Klaus

"The First Day On The Job"

Forklift Driver Klaus is without a doubt, one of the most entertaining and visually magnificent shorts ever. There is only one problem to this claim, it is an instructional video. It was released in Germany as a parody/spoof of the safety videos. Never has one shown you what not to do in such vivid blood and GORE-o-VISION. Apparently, there is a series of these. My interest is peaked.

The beginning shows the poster child of factory workers. Meet Klaus. Klaus is well-groomed, well-mannered, and well-taught. This is the day when he first gets his forklift operating license. He begins his first day of work bright and early, whistling a happy tune. Surely nothing could go wrong. Then the film stops it's serious route and goes for a more Final Destination feel. We watch as the worst freak accidents occur around Klaus.

Why? For breaking the set rules. The film is a parody but indeed has a valid point. Never break the rules in a work zone! Doing so could lead to your severed-in-half co-worker's upper torso getting gutted by a run away chainsaw. This film is well acted, with a surprising amount of Gore and schlock to boot. Also, has a stomach flinching scene of a box cutter blade being broken while dug into someones skull.

The end scene is a classic scene due to the watercolor background and the two impaled people screaming while being steered off in the wonderful sunset. Forklift Driver Klaus is a good reason why Germany remains at the top of the great producers of cinema.



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Germany is a very problematic nation but the`re still no-where near as problematic as the british.