Feb 6, 2008

Flesh: The Truth About 9/11

Edouard Salier's short film entitled FLESH is a horrible, pompous short film with little to no direction at all. It seems he is one of those pretentious "indie" film directors who tries to associate hard orgy sex with art. This short has nothing but CG and special effects. A brash attempt to offend. His plan is to offend voraciously but to no avail.

What we have here is a glistening CG skyline of New York City. Skyscrapers and the Chrysler Building are illuminated from the sun. We then see an ecstasy-driven lesbian sex scene silhouetted onto the buildings. All of them are covered with hard sex of all genders. As we are distracted by this absurdity, we have a plane crash into one of the towers. The middle explodes with red pixel spikes protruding out. The women continue to fuck even as they crash to the ground.

We have a scene that is made to look like a first person view. Some hapless helper on the ground running with a camera screaming vulgarities, praying to god or something. The second tower falls. The film was only slightly garbage by this point. The director decides he wants a fleet of airplanes to explode into every building to make a point which is unapparent. During some of the explosions, he decides to show "shocking" footage in a quick edit scene. This is including Arnold elected for governor, Charlie Manson, and the Ku Klux Klan.

This move buried the film. Several groans escaped from my chest. From all the rubble, one giant jagged tower emerges, it might symbolize how America "came together" after 9/11. After this erect foundation stands proud, we see a plane coming in the distance.

This film works zero percent and has no point. I can imagine some crazy Spaniard/Frenchie running around NY screaming about how Arnold and sexy writhing women did 9/11. This is not high art. This film is in comparison to the bag of trash in your car. Dispose of immediately.


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