Feb 21, 2008

The Doors

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am a fan of Oliver Stone’s The Doors. Being a fan of The Doors I couldn't help but become interested in the film. The film’s soundtrack for the most part is music from The band. The myth of Jim Morrison’s Shaman persona is shattered with Stone’s emphasis on the lead singer’s self destruction. For once, Oliver Stone attempts to be semihonest with a film.

Val Kilmer surprisingly pulls off the charismatic Jim Morrison. This includes both acting and singing like Morrison. I generally hate any type of biopic or period piece film. Hollywood tends to make a mockery of interesting people and times. Oliver Stone essentially makes a brief synopsis of Jim Morrison and The Doors history. I like to think of the film as one fancy montage music video of The Doors. Nothing wrong with fancy images and good tunes.

Oliver Stone used to listen to The Doors and take LSD. Now he snorts cocaine and misquotes Adolf Hitler. Stone also likes to propagate insane conspiracies that fit his Neo-Marxist fantasies. I wonder if he killed any of his comrades in the Vietnam War. One could only imagine Oliver Stone firing a machine gun while screaming the lyrics to “Break on Through.”

The Doors features cameos from many interesting personalities. Crispin Glover and Billy Idol were my favorites. Glover did a great job portraying Andy Warhol as a silly boy. Oliver Stone made a point on insulting Warhol’s pictures in The Doors. Too Bad Warhol factory director Paul Morrissey has given more to film than Oliver Stone ever will.

I also very much enjoyed the Native American Shaman that appeared randomly throughout The Doors. He seemed very excited when in full drag at a Warhol factory party. I hope he didn’t take a bath with Morrison at the end of the film. Naked medicine men give lethal dosages of opiates.

-Ty E


Anonymous said...

haha, cool blog, ok....always stay cool

Soiled Sinema said...

You know it, baby girl

jervaise brooke hamster said...

i`m not kiddin`, the only thing i remember about this film is the scene where kathleen quinlan showed her arse, i`d give anything to bugger her, even now she still drives me wild even though she`s 54.

Seamus Guevara said...

"Oliver Stone used to listen to The Doors and take LSD. Now he snorts cocaine and misquotes Adolf Hitler."