Feb 23, 2008

Day of the Dead (2008)

Steve Miner is a name some of us has heard before. He directed several Friday the 13th sequels as well as Lake Placid and Warlock. As the list shows, these films should not be taken seriously. So what happens when a shitty director takes a serious remake. Well, we wind up with Nick Cannon fighting zombies along with a bunch of teenagers. We all know the plot, a group of survivors hold down a military bunker in hopes for the zombie out break to stop.

As per usual remake fares, we have tons of over-editing and useless grain in the shots. To be honest, Ving Rhames is nothing without his mustache. That was a horrible move for the director. The reason i would even want to bother with this film is for the Ving kicking ass like he did in Dawn of the Dead. Mena Suvari might be a good actress, but not in this film. Her acting was some of the most flawed i have seen. Of course, i blame the director, for making such a weak script. For thickness on the characters behalf, they enlist such traits as "afraid to fire their weapon" to try and get some depth to them.

Of course, we have the cutout characters, such as the punk kid with spiked hair. Of course the characters are stupid. Loaded with inane dialogue, this film breaks so many borders on how to make a horrible film. Not being a fan of Romero in the first place, I still couldn’t see this film failing so hard. Barely entertaining, the film only has key highlight moments.

FUN FACT: Dead People can apparently stand up

When you finally see the first glimpse of a zombie, it makes a similar noise as the Sand People in Star Wars create. Talk about a genre killer. This has so many bullshit scenes that it is impossible to take this film seriously. I didn't know Molotov cocktails melt your skin instantaneously. From the way this film looks, it appears that Miner invested most of the budget in shitty special effects and CGI gore. That was not a wise move, if anything, he should have invested in a CGI story.

The only way i could ever recommend this film is by promoting the neat decapitations. It's hard to recommend a film only on gore value. That is truly how you know horror is on the rocks. Much of the gore is digital but we are treated to lots of exploding heads and melted flesh. Many little nods are thrown around, referencing Return of the Living Dead and even Snyder’s update on Dawn of the Dead.

The zombies in this film are premiered by a glimpse inside the blood cell as this totally hypothetical transformation gene is created. They now can drive cars, leap & climb ceilings like Spider-Man, and their flesh mutates instantly. There is also a vegetarian zombie in this film who bears a similarity to the national mascot for all Romero films. See; Bub.

This is worse than your average low budget fare, no wonder it was given to straight-to-video release. I never thought I would say this, but the only thing that actually made this film any better, was Nick Cannon. Day of the Dead without Nick Cannon’s racist remarks would be like a zombie movie that didn’t make sense. Wait...



kami said...

why did they bother? you cant remake a classic... fuck them and fuck romero for lettignthem do it!

Anonymous said...

i thought this was actually better than romero`s original, (and i`ve always been a big fan of that film), in fact i would say that i think steve miners "day of the dead" is one of the greatest horror films ever made, i really cant understand why it has been so ludicrously under-rated by the critics, especially when you realise its about a thousand times better than that laughable pile of shit "the dark knight", and miners film didn`t even get a cinema release in north america, that is so fucking bizarre.

Danie McCafferty said...

I loved Romero's original film, and seeing this one which was obviously just Ving Rhames fanservice made me sad.