Feb 20, 2008

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited might be one of Wes Anderson’s post beautiful works second to The Life Aquatic. This visionary collage of remarkable colors and spiritual extremes is a testament to the bonding of families, no matter how separated they are.

The story line involves three brothers who have been separated from each other for years after their father’s death. They are taking a life-changing visit on a train dubbed THE DARJEELING LIMITED. Together on this voyage, they will be involved in many hardships that will either strengthen or break them.

Unlike most of Wes Anderson’s movies, this one has a big heart. In all of his films, I have seen some character shallowness that limits their feelings to only the same dry humor used in every one of his films, this one however, bathes gloriously in it’s excess.
Instead of being too discreet or loaded over with his quirky vision, this one is just right. It has enough of it’s own self to fully satisfy you.

It has its own blend of humor, sadness, faith, and what a family is supposed to mean. The film is visually striking. Colors are immense and profound. It’s hard to not be amazed by this film. The film challenges most of his normal film making with the repetitive soundtrack and film making techniques. The dramatic “zoom-in’s” are fewer and are of greater impact and most of the film is steadfast in your head while watching it.

The comedy is fertile and fresh. Little quips are given here and there, hereditary is of a greater means in this film. Lots of irony is asunder and heartwarming instances of bonding and even sadness make this film all the better. In some ways, i can even relate to the characters. Nothing is off boundaries. I cannot see Anderson making a film better than this, but i will be open for a surprise just in case. Another thing that is nice to see is the new addition to the Wes Anderson roster, Adrien Brody. He really shines in this film and should lead him to more abundant roles.

The Darjeeling Limited is a masterpiece in it’s own regard. Visually appealing and of the most amazing editing I have seen in a recent film. Every movement by the actor’s is a fluid device used to propel the film forward in its luke-warm mood. This is enough to make The Darjeeling Limited one of his greatest films and perhaps his most ambitious film. After seeing his mildly pointless films that mainly exploit a characters traits, it’s refreshing to see him exploit their personality other than their habits.



JD said...

I am so glad to read this. I thought this was an excellent film on his part.
It just clicked with me.
Great review.

eddie lydecker said...

Wes Anderson is a useless toss-pot film-maker. His films are absolutely appalling, unwatchable, pretentious garbage. I really dont understand how films like "The Darjeeling Limited" get made in the first place, they really are a complete and utter waste of time.

old man said...

Ah yes Wes Anderson's oeuvre is indeed a waste of time. Reading reviews for films you have already seen and despised and then spreading smarmy, humourless vitriol through the commenting system is of course a lovely and rewarding use of time for all those involved.