Feb 12, 2008

The Creek

I try to approach independent horror with an open mind, taking in all atmospheric qualities and the simple urge to create; this is what starts film off most times. Writer/Director Erik Soulliard takes a very common tale and puts a slightly different spin on it.

One thing that amazed me with the film is how similar is was to a novel i had read when i was a child. Author Gary Brandner writes a book about three high school friends who re-unite at their high school at the reunion of the death of a classmate. Note that Gary also wrote the novel that inspired THE HOWLING.

So the plot as you may have guessed is basically a retelling of the ole' old friends die hard tale, but with a transparent green-skinned Billy-friend-ghost killing off people or does he? A revenge tale done right for the new generation. The acting starts off pretty amateurish but gets better throughout the running time. Expect a beauty and talent in actress Kathryn Merry as "Angel".

While featuring a great ghost character, and a dynamic score that even goes as far as to make you uneasy, this film sets up a nice mood that gets you a little bit tense. It's nice to see a low-budget horror film done right. All you need nowadays is a camera, fake blood, and some women volunteering to bare all for their chance at horror stardom.

This film takes the simple rule of re-uniting friends for a night of murder and mayhem. What starts off as a minimalistic old school horror tale turns sour near the end. All credibility just turns over and rots. The duo of Coop and Jesse just seem to get more and more injured while moaning and limping for 20 minutes. It's like watching a true sequel to Jackass (Hospital Visits & Such).

The ending doesn't ruin it all. The Creek is still a damn fun and effective horror film to gawk at. Kathryn Merry is worth the price alone. Expect horrible ghost wardrobes as well.


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