Feb 26, 2008

Black Cobra

From Director Stelvio Massi comes an Italian action film with a title hellbent on getting some of the fame directed towards Stallone's Cobra. It's nice to see an action film starring a black man who isn't thrown in for comedic value. It is also nice that the man is Fred Williamson. Throughout action film history, heroic blacks were mostly known to grace blaxploitation films, rarely a more accessible series. Black Cobra is of this sort, placing a tough womanizing cop who is in charge of protecting a photographer who witnessed a murder. The key is that she took a picture of the villain.

Let me start off by saying that this antagonist role is gut-bustingly hilarious. He is the leader of a crazy gang of motorcyclists trying to mix the genres of Bikesploitation and Blaxploitation. Whenever he has a evil plan, the camera pans into his shaded face, cracking a crooked grin with a perfect view of his gold tooth. This alone makes it worth the sad price of $1 at your local Wal-Mart.

After witnessing the film, I immediately questioned whether or not I enjoyed Black Cobra. After thinking about the horrible one-liners, Williamson's passive sternness, and the armies of bumbling cops in this film, I realized how much fun I had with this film. If you look at Black Cobra from a cinephile perspective, you might be disgusted, but damn if this movie isn't funny as hell. Fred Williamson is one of the greatest actors out there, ranging from playing a good role as Boss Nigger to playing a comical cop with a cigar in Black Cobra.

Black Cobra is one of those Italian-looking action films that exploded from the 70s. While a cynic might spite the film for it's non-serious view of cinematography, It can't be that bad due to the immense replay value that will have you hitting the play button over and over again. Due to the below cheap price for this collection, Black Cobra is a must for any action fans, and even blaxploitation. Black Cobra is a genre-twist for the most, plus we get to see The Hammer woo some white ladies in a different scenario.


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Pauline M said...

Liked this, but can't say I liked the rest of the series much but couldn't complain too much after gtting a box set for what must be little over $2 US