Feb 4, 2008

Angel Of Darkness

Angel Of Darkness is a live-action adaption of some weird 5 chapter tentacle porn released on DVD in Japan. Those crazy Japs. There is no limit to the amount of absurdity they will cram into a film regardless of how horribly it defines the movie. This is among of the the first of it's kind, along with the uber-cooler Urotsukidoji.

So the storyline follows a tormented professor on the campus of a women's schools. This film does nothing but elaborates on how every female is a prostitute and tries really hard to satisfy many fetishes in this hour long affair. After witnessing some of his students getting paid for sex and loving it, gloating about what they will buy next, he suffers some sort of chest pain and blacks out. The same girl gets raped by tentacles and dies in pure ecstasy.

More of this happens to females depicted crudely. This one could be seen as misogynistic near the end, when poor possessed Mr. Tomo goes on about how women wait to be pleased. More or less calling them scum of life. The film is a softcore porn with mundane situations, sapping stupidity, horrible effects, overacting involving moaning, and a shitty love story behind it all that it never delved into, so when the end comes around, this whole backstory comes at you sideways. Expect a satirical view at the youth of our generation, passing out sex toys in class, trying to seduce their teachers and such.

This film has nothing to do with angels, or darkness for that matter. Other than the fact that i want to curl into the fetal position after watching this lame excuse of a film and even a porno, i am terrified to think there are 5 more of these films. Maybe they improve upon the mistakes. I wouldn't count on it. Having a low budget film is no excuse for an all-around fail.



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