Feb 4, 2008

All Night Long 2: Atrocity

This is the second volume of an original series of 5 films, each carrying the same misanthropic tone and view. This is one of the more disturbing films of the series by far seeing as how the first is a portrait (although clumsy) of madness. Katsuya Matsumura shows that he is capable of making you (Average viewers) see humanity as garbage, especially women. Women are cattle herded for sexual pleasure. They exist only as a luxury, blissfully demonstrated by most Japanese directors.

The plot is best described as familiar, just never shown with such a bold yet degrading look. The first one was released theatrically but the rest were denied due to the subject matter concerning these visionary tales of depravity. You meet Shunichi, an awkward otaku-obsessed computer geek who lives in his room. He enjoys painting anime models, caressing them, and rubbing his lips all over them. It's easy to tell through Masashi Endô that Shunichi could snap at any time. He is constantly bullied to extreme lengths by a gang of cold-blooded could-be killers. This includes various tortures, both physically and emotionally.

All this for 100,000 yen. Eventually he gets a strange message on his computer from a deus ex machina whom is never explained known only by GOOD.MAN. Much of the plot is a surprise so I mustn't spoil it for you. We meet some very sweet characters along the way and we have some intresting practical effects. The kicker about these films is the lack of happiness in them. It's as if some psycho-slug with an affinity for pride, happiness, and glee comes around and absorbs it all leaving only carnage and harshness in its slime trail.

The eventful breakdown should be glamorized because few have had the insanity as this one had - Of course, not since the brutal NC-17 film Bad Lieutenant starring Harvey Keitel. The second installment in the All Night Long series has symbolism, foreshadowing, blowtorch to the mouth, and enough heroin-laced rapes to please the average seeker of disturbing material. Filmed with hardly any music, it shows that a soundtrack is sometimes only extra icing on the cake and is not always necessary.

It's a film that shows the difference between the eventual revenge or just plain insanity. The past and future All Night Long films attempt to perfect the routine but this one strikes gold. Becoming a murderous tornado, killing and destroying anything it it's path. Expect some black humor and wonderful hamsters. Overall, a great film that blends horrible emotions and a bloodbath together. It's satisfying to see it done successfully. This film hypothetically shows the dangers of homosexuality.


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Phantom of Pulp said...

It's heartening to see the ALL NIGHT LONG series reviewed. "Lack of happiness" is a consistency of these films.

I recommend the director's latest film, DARK LOVE - RAPE. It explores similar territory.