Feb 7, 2008


Alias is a short directed by Marina de Van and is on the present DVD of her magnum opus, In My Skin. This short clocks in at about 12 minutes long and is a relatively slow moving short. In order to fully understand what happens in this film, you need a layout of the story.

"On the day of her birthday, Juliette feels particularly unhappy. However, in her despair she doesn't notice the eerie behavior of her cleaner who is copying everything she does and mimicking her dress sense..."

We begin the short with a crying female named Juliette. Post-feminism has never been so bold as to maintain a beautiful shot of an aging woman smoking naked on her bed crying. It is apparent that it her her esteemed birthday party, complete with memories tacked onto a slide show projector. She is in a form of depression and judging by her appearance, it might even be mid-life crisis related.

Through-out the party, she is binging herself on wine and eventually throws up. When the cleaner comes up, it is a very horrifying shot, with intense music and creepy-ass vibes coming off of her. Her mascara is applied with no direction towards beauty and her earrings are inspired by Juliette's.

A film that definitely requires multiple viewings. It wont be hard to dedicate another 12 minutes of your time to this short. The film might be a piece on Identity crisis (as the late film LOST HIGHWAY did) or could be a dark tale of obsession. No one really pays attention to the people you are used to having around. People such as the cleaner who might, for all we know, could be the eventual demise of Juliette's family. Oh how she appears to dislike her mother. This film made me want to pay attention to detail at all costs.


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