Feb 23, 2008

36 Fillette

Catherine Breillat’s 36 Fillette has been called the “French Lolita.” Aside from the fact that the female lead is only 14 years old, the films aren’t too similar. 36 Fillette follows the young teenaged and big breasted Lili. She is obviously sexually frustrated and ready to “bust out” so to speak. She desires yet cock teases a middle aged man.

Lili can’t articulate her feelings. She pretends she doesn’t want sex when her body screams for it. She even causes the middle age suitor to put a couple bruises on her. Still, she goes back to this man. His dominance attracts her. Lili can only lie to herself for so long.

Female sexuality is central to the works of director Catherine Breillat. Her film Fat Girl (which is probably her best) makes 36 Fillette look weak by comparison. Nonetheless, developing teenage (and even preteen) sexuality also is a main focus of Breillat’s work. One must wonder whether or not she is reflecting over her own adolescence. Her obsession speaks for itself.

Jean-Pierre Léaud (I think of him as Antoine Doinel) consoles young Lili in 36 Fillette. A wise man indeed, he fuels Lili’s ambition for sex. Unfortunately for Lili, the man she desires is far from being as charismatic as Jean-Pierre’s character. The young “man” she later settles for is just desperate (and Lili could careless).

Breillat invites controversy with her films. Her style is something new which is respectable. My only complaint is her films always seem to be lacking something. I probably lack the female intuition.

-Ty E


JD said...

Imagine is Breillat and Michael Haneke made a film together?

Soiled Sinema said...

It would be sexist on both fields.