Jan 17, 2008


If you are going to incredibly rip-off a film, at least do it right. Zinda is the infamous Oldboy copy. Except filled with shitty English here and there and horrible Indian actors. The turks remakes are classics compared to this pile of scathing shit. Nothing remotely interesting about this film arises. So what happened was, this film called Zinda was released and the similarities were all too familiar. Bollywood or not, i will never forgive the label.

So this plot follows a man who is jailed for 14 years in a steel room with no explanation why. He is then released onto the roof top out of a trunk with clothes and a cellular phone and he has 4 days to find out why. Already sound familiar? So what is the prospect of India run off of? Taxi's. No matter how many New York stereotypes this fits, it is true. So he meets the female who drives him around to perform many hammer attacks.

You really cant write anything about the similarities as it would give away too much of the plot and that is unacceptable if you still haven't seen Oldboy. While the idea of watching a straight copy and paste film of a classic does sound appealing, i urge you to never watch this film.

Many remakes or inspirations dont fail too incredibly hard because they attempt to capture the "soul" of the film. The feeling of woe, despair, or utter happiness that the film provides. Zinda does nothing. It is filmed with a shitty camera, horrible camera shots, even worse fight scenes that look like they fit in a original Star Wars film, and the most horrible acting/action effects i have ever seen. Zinda is not a fun viewing film in the slightest. Not even to laugh at. Side effects include stuffy nose, irratated skin, considerably low self-esteem, and temporary blindness. Proceed with Caution.


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