Jan 26, 2008

Women's Flesh: My Red Guts

Tamakichi Anaru, the director behind the more infamous Niku Daruma and Suicide Dolls, directed this short film alternatively titled Watashi no akai harawata (hana). It follows two traumatized females and their own quest into various forms of self-mutilation. This is typically a film you can only get on the glorious trails of the world wide web, so have fun searching.

The film opens with a block of Japanese text which has a date. There are currently no subs for this film so as to what it says, i have no idea. The first scene is a static flash of light over a woman in a bathroom. She seems to be in a state of shock, barely noticing the flickering light up ahead. She begins to stand up and notices the toothbrush in it's respected cup. She takes it out and begins to play with it, slowly massaging its tip and then deep throating it. The build up almost seems reminiscent of the similar scene in Cutting Moments.

After salivating it up some, she begins to insert it inside her, toying around. This scene could have been repulsing had the director decided to fix the huge goof in which she manages to penetrate herself while wearing underwear. I can see that this is due to the anti-genitalia laws in Japan. After teasing she begins to prod and stab at her womanly parts until blood and tissue fall out. If this sounds bad, wait till she begins to chew the tip of her index finger off. For some reason, that really got to me.

Something about tearing joints and fountains of blood being gargled that bothers me. We then switch to victim # 2 who begins stabbing herself with a fork. Seems these women have a thing for mutilation. We see harakiri being performed. At first, her intestines greatly resemble the old "sausage link under shirt" but as soon as she bites into them, i lost track of what they were. After this, she decides to cut her tongue off. Funny thing is, is that she didn't even hold it. I don't care how much you love pain, you need to hold it or else your instinct will be to retreat it in your mouth.

Even the great Kakihara knew to hold it. After all is said and done, we seem a panning camera detailing their dead bodies, zooming into the violated parts and switching editing styles faster then a Michael Bay film. Women's Flesh: My Red Guts is a decent splatter film. Nothing to really hold it together though. Only a couple flashback scenes with imperceptible phrases. After the main feature, we have another short film from BAROQUE which is a 10 minute long scene with random dead people on the streets including deformed babies.

An entertaining film compilation for the most part. Could have skipped a couple of the scenes and the "repetitious zoom in to the same action being performed to add to the shock value" mentality of the director. See this as an addition to watching extreme J-sploitation films.

Special thanks to Louis over at The Coroner's Report for this upload.


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