Jan 13, 2008

Visions of Suffering

"A dream is a reality, rejected by our mind"

Having watched this film, i couldn't help but feel marked. The film viewing experience is certainly a unique one. I don't know if that is the right word because i have never seen anything like this. Boasting an entirely unique plot, taking a stale label and boosting it's cult status, and showing us masterful abstraction and surrealism like no other, Andrey Iskanov is a new kind of autuer. One that doesn't have visible modesty and seems to be inspired by few.

The loose narrative plot follows a troubled noir-ish man played by Alexander Shevchenko who has two things on his mind, sleep and the occasional cigarette. While not much in character development, we definitely feel claustrophobic in his dull existence. Lately, he has been host to the most neurotic nightmares ever filmed. Strange pulsing pods have been chasing him followed by a hulking figure without a face. Truly a horrifying sequence. Not since "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse" has such a horrifying scene been shot with severe colors.

After all is said and done, the man feels like his life is coming to an end so he decides to call his girlfriend at the frenetic nightclub DELIRIUM (Aptly named), his phone soon breaks. So what does any disturbed young chain smoking man do? Call the phone repairman. He goes next door to find a creepy fucking old guy who rasps at him madly until he leaves. As soon as that madness is over, the man soon arrives and fixes his phone. Dreams are brought up. Rain is discussed. The man tells him that the vampires are given flesh when it rains.

What this man doesn't realize is that he sealed his doom. Whenever it rains these "Vampires" are given flesh and powers to do what they feel. In a NOES turn, they can kill you in your sleep through your dreams. All this leads to his discovery of horrendous horrors involving black clothed men standing outside him apartment and violent whispers on the other end of a phone line.

Our camera shows us many angles and characters around this rainy city in Russia. Many tortured faces, souls, and scenes. One in particular at this nightclub where you pay money to beat the living shit out of a woman which can be seen as strangely erotic. All this combines in a truly unique film. Visions of Suffering is only one part of his HalluCinoGeNnN film series that can be described as artfully directed gore masterpieces that qualify him as a master of surrealism. This and the fact that he makes these films for slightly over 200 dollars USD.

Andrey should direct his own version of the shit fest "WHITE NOISE" which would turn out to be quite horrifying. Russian Horror is all but rare. Only having seen his films and TRACKMAN, he is defying all odds and supporting a dead genre in his motherland all by himself. Visions of Suffering is available from Unearthed Films, a grand releasing company and i suggest you pick this up immediately. Look out for his new and last film in the series "PHILOSOPHY OF A KNIFE"


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