Jan 27, 2008

The Plague Dogs

From since i remember, films directed towards children with animals, namely canines, have been produced with various family film production companies. Homeward Bound, Oliver & Company, and Old Yeller are the likelier ones to remember. It's a shame this film has been unknown for so long. This film deserves the term "classic" just as much as the less-worthy films did. See also "Watership Down"

The plot features 2 dogs who are differing in size greatly being captive in a laboratory designed for cruel animal experiments. This one is likely to anger PETA officials everywhere. They escape one night after the local idiot guard leaves the latch unlocked. These dogs who have been tortured in the most horrific ways including a brain surgery and endurance testing. After their impromptu escape through the tense-as-hell incinerator, they roam the country side trying to adapt to this cruel world that has denied them the right to live properly.

They kill a sheep in an embarassing spectactle that proves these two dogs need each other. Being as one is small and the other is of a decent size, they play almost a "See No Evil, Hear No Evil; Richard Pryor" sort of relationship. They eventually wind up in huge trouble from the local enforcement for the deaths. Meanwhile, the lab denies all claims of dogs escaping but shit hits the fan when rumors spread that they are infected with the bubonic plague.

Not only is this the ultimate anti-children family film ever made, it is also increasingly violent. Gored sheep and dead, rotting things are drawn in a glorious manner. I can imagine this to be traumatizing on little Johnny or Susie. Not recommended for kids. While these things could drive you away from watching this, you must know how much of an impact this film has. This is the Requiem For A Dream of animated films. The content in this animated classic belongs with Heavy Metal for straying away from the thought to be course of the genre.

Greatest animated film ever? It is up in the top list. Watch this then go play fetch with your dog, attempting to isolate the horrible feelings you have.



Unknown said...

Great take on the film.

The Oz DVD is the choicest with its two versions.

Another dark animated film worth your consideration is WHEN THE WIND BLOWS.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

Hey, whats the only thing worse than a British made live action movie?...thats right...you guessed it...a British animated movie, this film is a fucking ludicrous, pathetic, unwatchable, embarrassing joke from first frame to last. NUKE THE BRITISH FILM INDUSTRY NOW WITH A 50 MEGATON DEVICE.