Jan 12, 2008

My Sweet Satan

Jim van Bebber’s short film My Sweet Satan is truly an American classic. The short centers a Satan worshipping drug dealer who kills one of his friends for stealing his hard earned cash. My Sweet Satan may also be funnier than all of the shorts Charlie Chaplin ever produced. Jim van Bebber is the darkest stoner director to ever live. He even took up a job at Wendy’s to finish his masterpiece The Manson Family. My Sweet Satan manages to contain all of van Bebber’s auteur signatures in one short but SWEET joyride. Satan approves!

I assume that Jim van Bebber was able to cast My Sweet Satan using his stoner friends. Despite its warped nature, the short has a certain realism that you could find only at a Black Sabbath reunion concert. The young mullet sporting man that gets his head smashed in looked like he was picked up at a trailer park cul-de-sac and given a 12 pack of Coors light to do the film. I would like to believe that the whole cast and crew of the film was intoxicated during its production.

Smoking bowls in graveyards in tribute to Satan is the ideal life for any American. The inability to do this is probably what really prompts My Sweet Satan’s protagonist Ricky to hang himself in a prison cell. Jim van Bebber stars as the “Acid King” Satan worshiper. Before killing the unholy thief, van Bebber forces him to feed his shirt to the flames of Satan. Obviously Satan doesn’t approve of this ritualistic act as the young mullet head is stripped naked and has his head stomped in.

Real Life Satan Worshiper Ricky Kasso

My Sweet Satan is based on the true events of Ricky "Acid King" Kasso who killed his friend Gary and later killed himself in jail. Jim van Bebber obviously could careless about Kasso as the short proves. Although coming out hilarious, I still don't know the van Bebber's emotional intent with My Sweet Satan. Drugs can do a lot of numbing.

It’s a shame that the low budget short My Sweet Satan hasn’t gotten the exposure that is deserves. Short films have always been neglected due to their inability to be properly marketed and seen by audiences. My Sweet Satan would great in a short film marathon featuring Luis Bunuel’s Un Chien Andalou, Maya Deren’s Meshes in the Afternoon, Rozz Williams Pig, and a couple Guy Maddin shorts. Jim van Bebber needs to start directing again.

-Ty E

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"We smoke this marijuana in your name Satan."